The PYX As A Utility Token



    After the partnership with Blockshine Technology we are now focusing on the PYX token itself and how to increase its value.

    We understand that the primary purpose of holding the PYX token is to make profit from it that’s why we are making everything possible to improve the PYX price.

    The first move was the partnership of the main exchange which has been currently moved to now we will fully focus on the implementation of as a service. The official PYX platform will now enable all service partnerships which we have already started making applications on.

    We are already talking to very established businesses that will now use PYX as a service and in the coming weeks, you would be able to use PYX for Flight Booking, Travel Agencies, Partner Shops and in lot more places.

    The wider the options in which the PYX token can be used for, the greater the opportunity and the value of the token. We are working very hard to make sure all these plans are actually accomplished as we value the interest of all our investors and the community at large who will like to hold the PYX token in future also.

    We are continually opened to partnerships; the results of partnering with already established Companies has greatly improved our General product implementation and we will continually partner with Businesses and Companies that we think will improve more of what we already have.