PriorityEx Partners With Blockshine Technologies


    Hello all,

    We are glad officially announce to you that Priorityex has partnered with Blockshine Technologies to create a new exchange called

    Introduction to Blockshine Technologies:
    Blockshine Technology is an independently operated subsidiary of Blockchain Global, the backer of a $200 million multi-national blockchain investment fund that includes DigitalX-the world’s first-ever publicly listed blockchain company.
    Blockshine’s all-in-one technology platform is comprised of industry-leading blockchain products and services, community-based social impact centres, and category-leading strategic partners that span industries and borders. Founded by renowned social philanthropist Layla Dong in 2016,

    Why kingdragon?
    Looking at the Market health of cryptocurrencies the need to partner with an already established Firm was necessary and it could only be Blockshine Technologies because they own the biggest exchange in Australia, processing over $1,274,481 (USD) daily with over 5 years of trading experience.

    They are licensed in Australia (ACX), with a physical address in Australia and China.

    So from April 1st 2019, all trading activities will only now happen on the new platform which is while the Priorityex domain will now focus on how the PYX can gain more value.

    PYX Trading: You can trade the PYX also on the new platform as this does not affect anything, instead the value and trade volume is expected to increase since we will now concentrate more on Token value while Blockshine Technologies focuses on Trading activities. More trade volume which directly interprets higher liquidation.

    The Priorityex will now be accomplished by a more recognised Company who can achieve those Goals at a faster phase.