“The market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”  Phillip Fisher

    The cryptocurrency market is an ever growing place with its Advantages and Disadvantages. Some of which has over time discouraged a lot of persons from investing in the cryptocurrency Ecosystem.

    Despite the fact that a lot of persons now have knowledge about the cryptocurrency world, there has always been the trust factor amongst investors on who to trust on a digital system. This has caused a lot of concerns for major companies in the financial sector, owing to the fact that the financial sector is turning its gear to the cryptocurrency sector.

    This has brought Priorityex and its team to sit and draw up a plan that has the customer satisfaction on a 100% trust level.

    Our team has looked into the sector and discovered major areas of concern (that has caused investors to run from the sector). This write up would attempt to list the areas of concern and provide solutions as provided by Priorityex.

    • Asset security
    • Limited fiat currency support
    • Limited language support
    • Slow customer service and KYC process
    • Low liquidity
    • Poor technical Architecture

    We shall look at each one extensively and give you our solutions from priorityex. (we would discuss this In five(5) parts)


    It’s no longer news the loss made by Exchange platforms on February 24th 2014 and in August 2016 by hackers who absconded with close to 1000BTC. This has caused a lot of sigh amongst investors in cryptocurrency.

    PriorityEx  is built to high standards, audited, and penetration tested. We have lots of experience building financial systems to the highest security standards and we strive to ensure customer Asset security first.


    In our next publication, we would look at other problems faced and addressed by priorityex.


    For more details visit us: Priorityex.io