Blockchain Technology Employed to Manage Water Regulation in South Africa


The severe drought which brought one of the world’s premier tourist destinations, Cape Town, to its knees, served as a reminder to the world about the extent of the growing water crisis affecting cities around the world.

Rapid urbanization along with an inability to harness rainwater (without it running into the sea) are some of the underlying reasons for the drought being declared a national disaster in the Southern Cape. Crypto Consultants, with representation in the USA, Australia, Singapore, and India, are working with local regulators to record the rainwater footprint on a decentralized, immutable ledger that can be access by all for verification and reference. The platform will take a net-positive approach to track water usage by manufacturing units, housing complexes, and agricultural lands. A computing base with unlimited storage to prevent system crashes will be used in conjunction with blockchain technology.

In addition, the team is focusing on promoting water resilience and is part of the advisory council of new dam building projects.