Importance Of Account Verification | How To Verify


According to regulations guiding how exchange platforms are managed in Thailand, users are required to verify their account before they can actively use our platform. If you havent verifed your account, you are advised to do so. When your account is not verified you are automatically redirected to the verification page when you log in, here is how it looks like.


You will be required to fill the following

First Name: Your first name as it appers on your ID

Last Name: Your last name as it appears on your ID

Country: Country of Card issue

Province: This is your region or State as the case might be

City: Town, area populaly know as city

Street Address: The address as it appears on your ID

Date Of Birth: Date of birth as it appears on your ID

ID or Passoprt Number: Identification number as it appears on your ID

Nationality: Original Country where you are from

ID Scan: Scan properly your ID and upload

Selfie holding ID card: Take a picture holding your ID


After this has been submitted, we shall review and get back!