FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions | FUNBOX

  • What is Fun Box?

This is a simple investment earning scheme introduced by PriorityEx that requires no daily participation from investors. There are different earning boxes and you simply choose which you want to invest on and you earn based on the period of time and the return percentage.


  • What determines my earning abilities from the funbox scheme?

The number of return days and percentage. For example, Box A could show 30days for 0.20% daily. This means you will earn 0.20% on your investment daily for 30 days. So after 30 days, your investment matures and then you can easily withdraw funds.


  • Who qualifies to participate?

Any one with a Priorityex account can participate. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register here https://priorityex.io to get started


  • How do I participate?

After you have logged in, locate the MyFund tab and add funds to your account, then you can easily transfer which amount you want to invest on the Fun Box segment.


  • How do I get paid from Fun Box?

After maturity date, funds are sent to your wallet on PriorityEx which can later be withdrawn to your option.


  • Can the investment in Funbox be cancelled ahead of schedule?

No this is not possible. All investment decisions are final and can only be withdrawn after maturity date.


  • I can’t see any box available.

When there are no boxes or when all boxes are filled, you should simply wait for the next box availability. This will happen in coming weeks.


  • How do you pay us without doing anything?

Funds deposited here are actually used for trades by our experts and they generate returns on your behalf. So indirectly these funds are used for trading which will yield returns on your behalf.


  • Is there any Limit to how much I can invest?

Yes, every fun box has its own minimum investment and maximum investment allowed per box. Please check the box for this information.


  • How do I know when new fun boxes are added?

When new boxes are added, they are announced on all our social media channels. Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.