PriorityEx Introduces FunBox!

    What is FUNbox?
    Funbox is a reward program created by PriorityEx to help members who don’t  want to trade to be able to earn MORE from participating in Funbox either to increase their cryptocurrency quantity or value.
    How to participate in FUNbox?
    Log in to, Click “FUNbox” and choose the box that you would like to participate in. If you don’t have any crypto related to FUNbox then you need to first deposit through “MyFund” then transfer it to FUNbalance.
    What is the different between MyFund and FUNbalance?
    MyFund is the balance where you deposit from your external wallet and withdraw to it, which will be used for trading. While FUNbalance is used to participate for all FUNbox activities. It can be deposit/withdraw to/from MyFund only.
    How the reward is calculated?
    Each FUNbox has it’s own REWARD with fix start and end date. This record can be seen at FUNtime record under FUNreward tab. When you participate in any of the FUNboxes, you will be able to see Pending reward transactions also when the reward date is due, the status will be changed to Paid.

    Can FUNbox be cancelled ahead of schedule?
    No. We do not allow any cancellation after participate in FUNbox. Please read terms and conditions of each box carefully before participation.

     Prepare you PYX | Choose the right FUNbox | Get extra PYX

    FUNbox 1
    Reward period 3 mths
    contribute from 15/6-17/6
    0.25% per day start on 18/6
    Min 100 pyx per person
    Limited only 50,000 pyx

    FUNbox 2
    Reward period 6 months
    Contribution from 15/6-17/6
    0.35% per day start on 18/6
    Min 200 pyx per person
    Limited only 50,000 pyx

    FUNbox 3
    Reward period 12 months
    Reward start from 15/6-17/6
    0.50% per day start on 18/6
    MIN 200 pyx per person
    Limited only 50,000 pyx