PYX Trading Is Now Live | PriorityEx




    We are now live! Visit PriorityEX Exchange for a live trade view. You can now trade in BTC, PYX, THBp, USDp, USD, CNY, THB, INR, IDR, EUR, HKD, MYR, AUD, GBP, RUB, JYP, KRW more currencies will be added.


    The simple view makes it possible for anyone to be able to easily trade. We have also implemented simple but important security features and easy to use 2nd factor authentication model.

    Funds are stored in a very cold wallet there by increasing security, also following the rules of KYC to increase your limit, every user on the platform is advised to fully verify their account in other to be able to fully use the features already developed.

    Leave us a message if you face any difficulty using PriorityEx