Earn 100PYX When You Discover A Bug!


Hello there!

In the quest of making PriorityEx one of the best exchange, we have introduced a reward assisted mechanism in other to improve security and efficiency. Yes, we know that reporting bug should be the duty of it’s customers, but we have decided to to pay anyone 100PYX who discovers a major bug during this period of time while this is open.

How it works:
Bugs must be reported to the appropriate channels and we must mark such bug as Major, only major bugs reporters will qualify for the 100PXY reward.

Each major bug reported and certified will be rewarded for, so if you are able to report successfully 5 major bugs for example, thats 500PYX reward added to your total token amount.

PYX will be added to your total token value, which will be sent when other tokens are being sent

We have the right to decide which is a major bug or not, so even though a bug is reported it might not be rewarded. Only when we identify your reported bug as Major will you be rewarded.

This has offcially started, closing date will be announced also.

You can report bugsvia our different social channels.

Thank You!