PriorityEx | Protecting Your Trading Account


    Hello There!

    Its not just enough to build a secured platform, you also need to enlighten users on how to secure their account. After the just completed regular Technical Audit check. Users of PriorityEx need to be aware of how to secure their account and also use the tools already developed to help them secure their account. Here are few account security tips more to come as launch date draws closer.

    1. Do not share your details with third party: This is no longer news that some persons try to impersonate admins of platforms and request for account details just to steal funds. We at PriorityEx will never request for your account password or any information which reveals high security details.

    2. 2FA for added security: Make sure you add an additional security layout by enabling 2FA. This will protect your account even though you loose your password you can still get protected on the second security if enabled.

    3. Strong Password: Using a stronger password is a plus, we advice all users to always use a very strong password as this protects you from hackers trying to forge your password

    4. Always check the website link: Incase you are coming in from a link or mail, always double check you are landing at

    5. DO NOT call any phone number for someone claiming to be PriorityEx Support! And DO NOT send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of PriorityEx!

    More security tips later.