IPYX Points & Claiming Process After ICO


Hello all, from our last publication we published what the IPYX points are all about and how to earn them. Today we shall be introducing you to how to claim these points with the Exchange platform when its already in use.

Due to recent sudden increase in the point allocation and some users netting over $50,000 in points, we have decided that all referred users must verify their account before these points will be allocated. It has gotten to our notice that so many fake accounts has been created to earn points, so the Management of PriorityEx concluded on this.

There would be basic KYC conduced to claim your point and also release earned points to your sponsors. Its as simple as verifying your ID and address. This is enough to clear your account and also give your account more reputation for exchange.

We encourage all users to refer real people and desist from fake account registrations.

From we at PriorityEx, we say thank you for all the support! We are almost there!