PriorityEx – Game Plan 4


Incase you have missed the first game plan, here is it again

Incase you have missed the second game plan, here is it again

Incase you have missed the third game plan, here is it again

The Fourth Game Plan focuses on Low fee structure. There is no doubt that every businesses want to make profits to be able to remain in business and also pay some re-current expenses.

Some scholars stated in some Business rules that staying in business means accurate maximization of profit and constant profit documentation. If the whole activities of business rests on Profit making and a way to increase profit, PriorityEx is setting up a Game plan on how to make profit by reducing fees.

Most businesses think making more profits means increasing service fees or increasing cost of sale, well, PriotrityEx is setting up a formula on very low fees to result into higher profits.

Comparing all the Cryptocurrency exchange Market fees PriorityEx will be setting an average and be listed among the most affordable. Both trading and withdrawal fees will be very minimal.

PriorityEx is to increase participation by introducing very low fees.

More details on the ther Game plans in the coming days