PriorityEx Planning Ahead Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex.


According to source:

“With the surging price of cryptocurrencies, demand has reached the point where cryptocurrency exchanges are completely swamped. This massive influx of users has led to major infrastructure concerns leading to the temporary closure of their registration portals.

Throughout the last half of 2017, digital currency exchanges have posted record numbers of user signup. Binance is reporting the addition of 250,000 users per day while Coinbase has reported numerous days of 100,000+ user signups and Kraken boasts of 50,000 new users per day. “

The team at large at PriorityEx is already working on how this population can use our platform without issue also putting into consideration how these customers too can get access to quicker response from support, faster KYC process, flawless usage of the site and many more.

We are just a step towards making this a reality, let us all build an exchange we will all benefit from. Remember to invest during ICO if you haven’t.