PriorityEx — Game Plan 1


Studding the current high Market in-stability and the sudden increase in new technology adaptation and the introduction of more advanced solutions, we at PriorityEx are already fixing workable plans and already preparing the journey towards the adaptation of these technologies for that PriorityEx we have all dreamed for.

Incase you missed this from the white Paper

“”Furthermore, PriorityEx aims to solve ICO token issues. Most of ICO tokens cannot be directly converted to at but have to trade with BTC/ETH pair. We will help ICO tokens to be able to Pair with Fiat to increase more liquidity. Countries that we will be supporting are thus: Thailand, Malaysia, HongKong, China, Cambodia, Laos, Africa, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Burma and will be expanding to more countries.””

The first Game plan is the actual settlement and accomplishing real local Withdrawal options in this regions. According to PriorityEx CEO, 7 Plans has been drawn to be achieved before main Launch.

These plans will be communicated in the coming days.